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aba.org 05/12/2017 The ABA is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that provides leadership to birders by increasing their knowledge, skills, and enjoyment of birding. We are the only organization in North America that specifically caters to recreational birders. We also contribute to bird and bird habitat conservation through our varied programs. The American Birding Association inspires all people to enjoy and protect wild birds. The American Birding Association represents the North American birding community and supports birders through publications, conferences, workshops, tours, partnerships, and networks.

aba.org/bigday 10/08/2014 All data entry will now be online. You'll also be able to revise and correct your own numbers, greatly reducing the potential for transcription errors. You will be able to manage your own account and entries, and there will be new lists, including: All U.S. and Canadian counties — life, year and month. More big days (region, country, state, county, region within a state, national park, local patch, etc.). You’ll also be able to view the data in a number of ways ... slice, dice and filter the entries to your heart’s content. Would you like to compare county life lists from Cuyahoga county in Ohio, with say, Black Hawk county in Iowa? Easy.

abcbirds.org 06/06/2018 ABC is the Western Hemisphere's bird conservation specialist — the only organization with a single and steadfast commitment to achieving conservation results for birds and their habitats throughout the Americas. ABC's mission is to conserve native birds and their habitats throughout the Americas. Our commitment to bird conservation remains absolute, even while some other groups shift their mission to prioritize people over wildlife. We believe unequivocally that conserving birds and their habitats benefits all other species — including people.

aegean-wildlife.parosweb.com 23/07/2014

aggie-horticulture.tamu.edu/propagation/approachgraft/approach.html 13/04/2017 Approach Grafting. Larry Stein. Texas Agricultural Extension Service. The distinguishing feature of approach grafting is that two independently growing, self-sustaining plants are grafted together. This self-sustaining characteristic of both plants which are to be grafted insures survival of both even if the grafting attempt is, for some reason, not successful. However odds of being successful are greatly enhanced because of the active growing condition of both plants involved and absence of a time limitation required for the healing of the graft union to occur before the dependent scion (top portion) dies from lack of sustenance.

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alexfoundation.org 06/06/2018 Alex Foundation. Dr. Irene Pepperberg has been studying the intelligence and reasoning abilities of the African Grey parrot for almost 40 years. She has published consistently and extensively in some of the most highly respected scientific journals in her field.

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animaldiversity.org 09/03/2018 Animal Diversity Web (ADW) is an online database of animal natural history, distribution, classification, and conservation biology at the University of Michigan. ADW is a large searchable encyclopedia of the natural history of animals. Every day, thousands of classroom students and informal visitors use it to answer animal questions. Other sites specialize in local, endangered, or particular kinds of animals. We aim to be as comprehensive as possible.

animaldiversity.org/accounts/Alcidae/pictures 09/03/2018

animaldiversity.org/accounts/Anas_crecca/classification 27/09/2015

animaldiversity.org/accounts/Anas_crecca/pictures 09/03/2018

animaldiversity.org/accounts/Ardea_alba/pictures 09/03/2018

animaldiversity.org/accounts/Aves 09/03/2018 Aves, birds. Birds are vertebrates with feathers, modified for flight and for active metabolism. Birds are a monophyletic lineage, evolved once from a common ancestor, and all birds are related through that common origin. There are a few kinds of birds that don't fly, but their ancestors did, and these birds have secondarily lost the ability to fly. Animal Diversity Web (ADW) is an online database of animal natural history, distribution, classification, and conservation biology at the University of Michigan.

animaldiversity.org/accounts/Columba_speciosa/sounds 09/03/2018

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animaldiversity.org/accounts/Struthioniformes/pictures 28/05/2015

animaldiversity.org/site/accounts/information/Aix_galericulata.html 27/09/2015

animaldiversity.org/site/accounts/information/Anas_cyanoptera.html 27/09/2015

animaldiversity.org/site/accounts/information/Anas_platyrhynchos.html 27/09/2015

animaldiversity.org/site/accounts/information/Anatidae.html 27/09/2015

animaldiversity.org/site/accounts/information/Animalia.html 27/09/2015

animaldiversity.org/site/accounts/information/Anseriformes.html 27/09/2015

animaldiversity.org/site/accounts/information/Aptenodytes_forsteri.html 27/09/2015

animaldiversity.org/site/accounts/information/Aptenodytes_patagonicus.html 27/09/2015

animaldiversity.org/site/accounts/information/Asio_otus.html 19/10/2015

animaldiversity.org/site/accounts/information/Aves.html 19/10/2015

animaldiversity.org/site/accounts/information/Baeolophus_bicolor.html 19/10/2015

animaldiversity.org/site/accounts/information/Basileuterus_rufifrons.html 19/10/2015

animaldiversity.org/site/accounts/information/Botaurus_lentiginosus.html 19/10/2015

animaldiversity.org/site/accounts/information/Brachyramphus_marmoratus.html 16/11/2017

animaldiversity.org/site/accounts/information/Branta_canadensis.html 16/11/2017

animaldiversity.org/site/accounts/information/Bubulcus_ibis.html 16/11/2017

animaldiversity.org/site/accounts/information/Bucephala_albeola.html 16/11/2017

animaldiversity.org/site/accounts/information/Buteo_lineatus.html 16/11/2017

animaldiversity.org/site/accounts/information/Buteo_swainsoni.html 16/11/2017

animaldiversity.org/site/accounts/information/Callipepla_gambelii.html 16/11/2017

animaldiversity.org/site/accounts/information/Campylorhynchus_brunneicapillus.html 16/11/2017

animaldiversity.org/site/accounts/information/Cardinalis_cardinalis.html 16/11/2017

animaldiversity.org/site/accounts/information/Cardinalis_sinuatus.html 16/11/2017

animaldiversity.org/site/accounts/information/Catharus_minimus.html 16/11/2017

animaldiversity.org/site/accounts/information/Catherpes_mexicanus.html 16/11/2017

animaldiversity.org/site/accounts/information/Chlidonias_niger.html 16/11/2017

animaldiversity.org/site/accounts/information/Coccyzus_americanus.html 16/11/2017

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animaldiversity.org/site/accounts/information/Corvus_corax.html 16/11/2017

animaldiversity.org/site/accounts/information/Cyanocitta_cristata.html 16/11/2017

animaldiversity.org/site/accounts/information/Cyanocorax_yncas.html 16/11/2017

animaldiversity.org/site/accounts/information/Cygnus_buccinator.html 16/11/2017

animaldiversity.org/site/accounts/information/Cygnus_olor.html 16/11/2017

animaldiversity.org/site/accounts/information/Dendroica_kirtlandii.html 12/01/2018

animaldiversity.org/site/accounts/information/Dendroica_pensylvanica.html 12/01/2018

animaldiversity.org/site/accounts/information/Dendroica_petechia.html 12/01/2018

animaldiversity.org/site/accounts/information/Egretta_caerulea.html 12/01/2018

animaldiversity.org/site/accounts/information/Eudyptes_chrysocome.html 12/01/2018 Eudyptes chrysocome. Rockhopper penguin. Rockhopper penguins measure about 55 centimeters in length and weigh around 2.5 kilograms. These birds stand upright on two short feet. Their legs are set far back on the body. The waterproof coat, composed of feathers that average 2.9 centimeters in length, is white on the underside and bluish-black on the top. The head has bright yellow plumage on the brow; the yellow feathers extend along the sides. The top of the head has spiked black feathers. The wings are strong, stiff, narrow and flipper-like. Rockhopper penguins have tiny eyes.

animaldiversity.org/site/accounts/information/Falco_naumanni.html 16/11/2017 Falco naumanni. Lesser kestrel. This small falcon has a length of 30-36 cm with long pointed wings. The long tail has a broad black terminal band. This falcon has strong sexual dimorphism in its plumage. Males have a chestnut back and a blue-grey crown, neck, rump, and tail. Their belly is a creamy pink with small brown streaks. The eye ring is bright yellow while the feet are an orange-yellow. The undersides of the wings are white with a black tip. Females have a brown back and head with a pale belly. Both the back and belly are streaked with brown. The wings are also light with dark barring and black tips. Juvenile lesser kestrels look similar to the females.

animaldiversity.org/site/accounts/information/Falco_rufigularis.html 13/04/2017 Falco rufigularis. Bat falcon. Bat falcon adult males measure 24-29 cm (8-10 in.) in length with a wingspan of 56-58 cm (18-19 in.) females also range from 24-29 cm (8-10 in.) in length but have a larger wingspan, which ranges between 65 and 67 cm (21-22 in.) in length. The head and upper parts of their body are black, with grayish edging to contour the feathers from their upper back to tail coverts. Their throat and upper chest is white and tan extending to their neck. They have a long black tail with many fine white or gray stripes, and buff tip. The bat falcon has deep brown irises that may help camouflage while hunting at night.

animaldiversity.org/site/accounts/information/Fratercula_arctica.html 16/11/2017 Fratercula arctica. Atlantic puffin. Sexes are alike--11 1/2 to 13 1/2 inches long with a wingspread of 21-24 inches. These puffins are short, stocky with upper parts black and undersides white. Their cheeks are white. They have large parrotlike, triangular shaped bills, which in the breeding season are bright orange with a yellow-bordered patch of blue at the rear half. After the breeding season, they lose some of their horny bill plates and molt as well. Winter plumage is similar but faces are largely dark.

animaldiversity.org/site/accounts/information/Fratercula_cirrhata.html 16/11/2017 Fratercula cirrhata. Tufted puffin. Fratercula cirrhata is similar in size to crows, with an average length of 15 inches, and a 15 inch wingspan. Size varies a little from location to location: western Pacific animals tend to be a little larger than eastern ones. There is also a difference in size between the sexes as male birds tend to be slightly larger than females. In the winter, as puffins prepare for spring breeding, their colors become more decorative, presumably to attract mates. During this time they develop a brownish-black body, with some white feathers lining the underside of the wing, a white face and glossy, yellow plumes above and behind eye.

animaldiversity.org/site/accounts/information/Gavia_pacifica.html 16/11/2017 Gavia pacifica. Pacific loon (Also: Pacific loon;diver). The Pacific Loon's head is black which extends down the back of its neck and back where there are some mottled white spots. On its underside the color is white extending from its bill to its belly. Its average length is 66 cm.

animaldiversity.org/site/accounts/information/Gavia_stellata.html 16/11/2017 Gavia stellata. Red-throated diver (Also: red-throated loon). The red-throated loon is the smallest, slightest of the divers. It stands at 53-69 cm., and its wingspan ranges from 106-116 cm. During the breeding season, the upper body is a solid dark brown. The head and upper neck is grayish, with a large, glossy colored patch on the foreneck. It is white underneath and the tail is dark. In the winter, the face and foreneck are pure white, and the upper part is dark brownish and finely spotted with white.

animaldiversity.org/site/accounts/information/Geococcyx_californianus.html 16/11/2017 Geococcyx californianus. Greater roadrunner. The head, neck, back, and wings of greater roadrunners are dark brown-black and heavily streaked with white, while the breast is mostly white. The eyes are bright yellow and there is a postocular streak of bare blue and red skin. A particularly notable feature is the crest of black feathers, which is raised or lowered at will. Overall, the body has a streamlined appearance, with a long tail that may be carried at an upward angle.

animaldiversity.org/site/accounts/information/Hirundo_rustica.html 12/01/2018

animaldiversity.org/site/accounts/information/Histrionicus_histrionicus.html 12/01/2018

animaldiversity.org/site/accounts/information/Hylocichla_mustelina.html 12/01/2018

animaldiversity.org/site/accounts/information/Larus_delawarensis.html 12/01/2018

animaldiversity.org/site/accounts/information/Larus_glaucescens.html 12/01/2018

animaldiversity.org/site/accounts/information/Laterallus_ruber.html 12/01/2018

animaldiversity.org/site/accounts/information/Lophodytes_cucullatus.html 12/01/2018

animaldiversity.org/site/accounts/information/Pelecanus_erythrorhynchos.html 21/08/2017 Pelecanus erythrorhynchos. American white pelican. American white pelicans are large, white pelicans, there are no similar species in North America. Their primary and outer secondary feathers are black, their bill and gular pouch are flesh colored or yellow, and their legs are pale yellow to bright orange. Both males and females develop a flattened protuberance on the upper bill during breeding season, which is shed at the end of breeding. American white pelicans are from 127 to 165 cm in length.

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aves.desdeinter.net 01/11/2017 Sociedad Albacetense de Ornitología (SAO).

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aveschile.cl 03/01/2016 AvesChile (Unión de Ornitólogos de Chile) es una corporación de derecho privado sin fines de lucro, surgida a inicios de los ochenta y que cuenta con personalidad jurídica desde 1989. Nuestro principal objetivo es promover la conservación y protección de las aves y de sus ambientes; su estudio e investigación, así como también la difusión y educación en la comunidad nacional. El Consejo Internacional para la Preservación de las Aves (CIPA) o International Council for Bird Preservation (ICBP) –actualmente BirdLife International-, fundado en 1922, dio paso a la creación de una sección chilena, el 28 de Abril de 1940, y su primer presidente fue el Sr. Carlos S. Reed, que fue sucedido a su muerte por el Dr. Rodulfo A. Philippi.

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avian101.wordpress.com 16/05/2017 AVIAN 101. My name is H.J. Ruiz; I live in Georgia with my wife Lucy and son Tyler. I’m an avid photographer and bird watcher. I created my Avian101 blog in order to have an opportunity to share my experiences and also display my bird photos and what ever information that pertains to birds. The birds I seek to photograph are not exclusively domestic but from all the world. I have been very busy reading and doing research to learn more about avians.

aviantendencies.blogspot.com 16/05/2017 Avian Tendencies. Birding, listing, and digiscoping in Kent Co., Michigan and beyond.

aviary.owls.com 16/05/2017 Owls - Pictures, Information, Sounds. The Aviary at Owls. Species owls great horned barn. Everything about owls. Detailed pictures and descriptions of different species.

aviary.owls.com/magpie/magpie.html 16/05/2017 The Black-billed Magpie (Pica pica) is a large black and white bird (20 inches). It has a long tail and dark bill. The bill, head, breast and underparts are black, with lustrous green iridescence on the wings and tail. The belly and shoulders are white, as well as the primaries that show as white wing patches in flight. These are members of the crow family (Corvidae). The voice is a rapid, nasal mag? mag? mag? or yak yak yak.

aviary.owls.com/pyrrhuloxia/pyrrhuloxia.html 16/05/2017 Pyrrhuloxia: the Gray Cardinal (Cardinalis sinuatus). Similar to the female and juvenile Northern Cardinal, the Pyrrhuloxia's thick, strongly curved, parrot-like orange-yellow bill helps identify it. The male is 7-1/2 to 8-1/2 inches long and is grey overall, with red on the face, crest, wings, tail and underparts. The female shows little or no red; the bill is a dull yellow. This bird is fairly common in thorny brush and mesquite thickets of dry streambeds, desert, woodland edges and ranchlands. The song is a liquid whistle, thinner and shorter than the song of the Northern Cardinal. The call is a sharp "chink".

aviary.owls.com/waxwing/waxwing.html 16/05/2017 Cedar Waxwing (Bombycilla cedrorum). These warm-brown, crested birds (Bombycilla cedrorum) cannot be mistaken, especially when a flock is feeding on cherries or mulberries. Flocks of waxwings will descend on a bittersweet vine or pyracantha shrub in a large group, stripping the berries in minutes. If the berries have fermented, the birds can actually get drunk and will flop around until they get sober. But their digestive systems are amazing; the seeds of berries are eliminated within 45 minutes following ingestion.

avibase.bsc-eoc.org/avibase.jsp?lang=EN 15/09/2016 Avibase is an extensive database information system about all birds of the world, containing over 17 million records about 10,000 species and 22,000 subspecies of birds, including distribution information, taxonomy, synonyms in several languages and more. This site is managed by Denis Lepage and hosted by Bird Studies Canada, the Canadian copartner of Birdlife International. Avibase has been a work in progress since 1992 and I am now pleased to offer it as a service to the bird-watching and scientific community.

avibase.bsc-eoc.org/checklist.jsp 21/08/2017 Avibase - Bird Checklists of the World. These checklists are based on the best information available at this time. They are based on a wide variety of sources that I collated over many years, and are constantly revised. I am pleased to offer these checklists as a service to birdwatchers, but they are subject to some level of inaccuracy. If you find any error, please do not hesitate to report them. Bird Checklists of the World is part of Avibase and Bird links to the World, which are designed and maintained by Denis Lepage, and hosted by Bird Studies Canada, which is a co-partner of Birdlife International.

avibase.bsc-eoc.org/checklist.jsp?lang=EN 19/10/2016 Avibase - Bird Checklists of the World. These checklists are based on the best information available at this time. They are based on a wide variety of sources that I collated over many years, and are constantly revised. I am pleased to offer these checklists as a service to birdwatchers, but they are subject to some level of inaccuracy.

avibase.bsc-eoc.org/checklist.jsp?region=hol 25/12/2015 This checklist includes all bird species found in Holarctic , based on the best information available at this time. It is based on a wide variety of sources that I collated over many years. I am pleased to offer these checklists as a service to birdwatchers. If you find any error, please do not hesitate to report them. The taxonomic order and nomenclature follows Clements, version 2015. If you prefer to view the list based on a different authority, click on one of the list available below. Globally threatened species (status in red) were identified by Birdlife International in Threatened Birds of the World (Birds to Watch 3).

avibase.bsc-eoc.org/checklist.jsp?region=pal 25/12/2015 This checklist includes all bird species found in Palearctic , based on the best information available at this time. It is based on a wide variety of sources that I collated over many years. I am pleased to offer these checklists as a service to birdwatchers. If you find any error, please do not hesitate to report them. The taxonomic order and nomenclature follows Clements, version 2015. If you prefer to view the list based on a different authority, click on one of the list available below. Globally threatened species (status in red) were identified by Birdlife International in Threatened Birds of the World (Birds to Watch 3).

avibase.bsc-eoc.org/links/links.jsp 07/08/2014

avibase.bsc-eoc.org/webcams.jsp 15/09/2016 Birding webcams.

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baike.niaolei.org.cn 10/08/2014 鸟类百科全书,The World Bird Database. 为广大鸟类爱好者和公众提供最详细、最专业的鸟类知识。鸟类百科已收录全世界10000多种鸟类的百科图文资料。

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birding.aba.org 29/03/2016 The ABA is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that provides leadership to birders by increasing their knowledge, skills, and enjoyment of birding. We are the only organization in North America that specifically caters to recreational birders. We also contribute to bird and bird habitat conservation through our varied programs. The American Birding Association inspires all people to enjoy and protect wild birds. The American Birding Association represents the North American birding community and supports birders through publications, conferences, workshops, tours, partnerships, and networks.

birding.about.com 12/07/2016 About.com >>>> About Home >>>> Birding / Wild Birds.

birding.bc.ca 29/03/2016 Birding in British Columbia. A starting place for birding information for British Columbia, Canada. This web site features a birders discussion forum, links to birding newsgroups, articles and book reviews, checklists, regional hotspots, photo gallery, weather reports, and visiting birder information.

birding.typepad.com 29/03/2016 A multi-authored blog from the American Birding Association with a focus on all things birding.

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birdingbeijing.com 05/04/2017 Birding Beijing was launched in August 2010 by Terry Townshend, a British birder living and working in Beijing. Through this website he celebrates the birds that can be found in and around China’s vibrant capital city. He is indebted to the growing number of birders in Beijing, both Chinese and expat, who contribute a huge amount to the content found on this site.

birdingbeijing.com/2017/03/14/volunteers-protect-beijings-harlequin-duck 05/04/2017

birding-benstead.blogspot.com 29/03/2016 Birding Benstead. Birding in Bjäre and beyond. I am an English birder based, together with my Anglo-Swedish family, in the middle of the Bjäre peninsula in southern Sweden. We moved here from Norfolk in 2007 and have not looked back. The birding is very high quality. The number of birds that remain in the wider countryside is fantastic and the visible migration in spring and autumn is breathtaking. Fewer rare birds than in Britain no doubt, but there are fewer birders so it is mostly primary action. I only spend two-thirds of the year in Sweden though. I am lucky enough to spend the remainder of the year birding abroad.

birdingblogs.com 12/03/2017 Birdingblogs.com – the newest birdingblog!. The last two months I have been occupied with the idea of getting several people together to form a birding blogging team. I noticed it was hard to get a lot readers to my own blog unless I posted something every day. Also it would be difficult to provide top notch content every time one writes. The day simply has not enough hours for all I wanted to do. I looked at the amazing numbers of unique visitors ranging to several thousands per day on sites such as 10000birds and grrlscientist. It was clear that post frequency and good content together was the key to more visitors.

birdingcouple.blogspot.com 29/03/2016

birdingcraft.com/wordpress 12/03/2017 Costa Rica Living and Birding. Information and perspectives about birding Costa Rica. After several visits to Costa Rica since 1992, I finally moved here. I am recently married to a Tica I have known since 1994. Any day now, we will have our first daughter! Although It will be her decision, I will try my best to raise a kung-fu practicing birder like myself. Pat O’Donnell.

birdingdude.blogspot.com 30/03/2016 BIRDINGDUDE. Field Ornithologist with an IT Background. My interest in birds took on a whole new level after building a backyard habitat for birds and butterflies--a project that is still ongoing. Additionally, I am interested in Entomology, Herpetology and Botany. I do volunteer work with a number of organizations including the NY Audubon, NYC Audubon Society, the American Littoral Society NE Chapter, National Park Service, Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge and American Museum of Natural History.

birding-ecuador-responsibly.blogspot.com 30/03/2016 Birding Ecuador for conservation. Birding Ecuador helps conservation. Birding Galapagos Islands.

birdingfieldguides.com/costarica.html 30/03/2016 The Costa Rica Birds. Field Guide app is a hand held, digital field guide designed to help both beginning and advanced birders learn about and identify the bird species that occur in Costa Rica.

birdingfieldguides.com/panama.html 30/03/2016 The Panama Birds. Field Guide app is a hand held, digital field guide designed to help both beginning and advanced birders learn about and identify the bird species that occur in Panama.

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birdingfrontiers.com 30/03/2016 Birding Frontiers. Birds and Wildlife, always discovering!.

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birdingwithkennandkim.blogspot.com/2010/07/which-way-for-aba.html 27/10/2016 Which Way for ABA? From a state of contemplation, Kenn writes: The American Birding Association (ABA) has been an important part of my life ever since I joined, at the age of 16, back in the 1970s. The ABA was a brand-new organization then, and it served a unique role in connecting the active birders of the U.S. and Canada.

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birdphotography.com 08/05/2016 North American Bird Photography Gallery. This site contains photographs of dozens of North American bird species by Peter LaTourrette.

birdphotography.com/species/feha.html 28/01/2016 Ferruginous Hawk (Buteo regalis). This site contains photographs of dozens of North American bird species by Peter LaTourrette.

birdphotography.com/species/sacr.html 28/01/2016 Sandhill Crane (Grus canadensis). This site contains photographs of dozens of North American bird species by Peter LaTourrette.

birdphotography.com/species/sath.html 17/02/2017 Sage Thrasher (Oreoscoptes montanus). North American Birds Photo Gallery by Peter LaTourrette.

birdphotography.com/species/stfl.html 17/02/2017 Scissor-tailed Flycatcher (Tyrannus forficatus). North American Birds Photo Gallery by Peter LaTourrette.

birdringal-andalus.blogspot.com 17/02/2017 Bird Ring Al-Andalus. Blog dedicado al anillamiento cientifico de aves que viven o viajan a traves de mi tierra, Andalucia.

birds.audubon.org 15/12/2014 To conserve and restore natural ecosystems, focusing on birds, other wildlife, and their habitats for the benefit of humanity and the earth's biological diversity.

birds.audubon.org/christmas-bird-count 15/12/2014

birds.cornell.edu/bfl/index.html 15/12/2014 Birds in Forested Landscape.

birds.cornell.edu/bfl/speciesaccts/ariwoo.html 15/12/2014 Arizona (Strickland’s) Woodpecker (Picoides arizonae).

birds.cornell.edu/bfl/speciesaccts/casvir.html 15/12/2014 Cassin's Vireo (Vireo cassinii).

birds.cornell.edu/bfl/speciesaccts/grawar.html 15/12/2014 Grace’s Warbler (Dendroica graciae).

birds.cornell.edu/bfl/speciesaccts/grepew.html 15/12/2014 Greater Pewee (Contopus pertinax).

birds.cornell.edu/bfl/speciesaccts/kenwar.html 15/12/2014 Species Kentucky Warbler (Oporornis formosus).

birds.cornell.edu/bfl/speciesaccts/lewwoo.html 15/12/2014 Lewis’s Woodpecker (Melanerpes lewis).

birds.cornell.edu/bfl/speciesaccts/louwat.html 15/12/2014 Louisiana Waterthrush (Seiurus motacilla).

birds.cornell.edu/bfl/speciesaccts/olsfly.html 15/12/2014 Olive-sided Flycatcher (Contopus cooperi).

birds.cornell.edu/bfl/speciesaccts/woewar.html 15/12/2014 Worm-eating Warbler (Helmintheros vermivorous).

birds.cornell.edu/crows/birdname.htm 15/12/2014

birds.cornell.edu/crows/brdphoto.htm 15/12/2014

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birds.cornell.edu/crows/crowfaq.htm 15/12/2014

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birds.cornell.edu/crows/index.html 15/12/2014

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birdsna.org/Species-Account/bna/home 17/07/2017 Birds of North America (BNA) is the most comprehensive reference for the life histories of over 760 bird species that breed in the United States and Canada. Species accounts are written by ornithologists and other experts and are an essential reference for anyone with an advanced interest in birds. BNA accounts have always offered an in-depth, authoritative summary of scientific literature and media. However, in combination with the Macaulay Library and eBird, our restructured species accounts are now accompanied by new sounds, images, and video, and distributional maps and model output generated by eBird.

birdsna.org/Species-Account/bna/species/002/articles/introduction 27/10/2017 Piping Plover. Charadrius melodus. Order: CHARADRIIFORMES. Family: CHARADRIIDAE. The Piping Plover is a threatened and endangered shorebird that inhabits wide, open beaches, alkali flats, and sandflats of North America. It breeds primarily along the Atlantic coast from North Carolina to eastern Canada and the French Islands of Saint Pierre and Miquelon, inland along rivers and wetlands of the northern Great Plains from Nebraska to the southern Prairie Provinces, and along portions of the western Great Lakes in the U.S. and western Ontario. In winter, most individuals are found on coastal beaches, sandflats, and mudflats from the Carolinas to Yucatan; some scatter through the Bahamas and West Indies.

birdsna.org/Species-Account/bna/species/034/articles/introduction 27/10/2017 Smith's Longspur. Calcarius pictus. Order: PASSERIFORMES. Family: CALCARIIDAE. Smith's Longspurs have one of the most unusual social breeding systems known among songbirds. Unlike the majority of birds that form socially monogamous relationships for breeding, Smith's Longspurs are polygynandrous—each female pairs and copulates with two or three males for a single clutch of eggs, at the same time that each male pairs and copulates with two or more females. Males do not defend territories, but instead guard females by following them closely and compete for fertilizations by copulating frequently in order to dilute or displace sperm from other males.

birdsna.org/Species-Account/bna/species/040/articles/introduction 07/02/2017 Gray Jay. Perisoreus canadensis. Order: PASSERIFORMES. Family: CORVIDAE. The Gray Jay is a widespread resident of North America's boreal and sub-alpine coniferous forests. Occupation of permanent all-purpose territories in such climatically hostile biomes is made possible by this bird's scatter-hoarding and recovery of seemingly perishable food items fastened in trees under bark scales and lichens with the assistance of copious sticky saliva from enlarged salivary glands. Birds of North America Online. The Cornell Lab of Ornithology. Cornell University.

birdsna.org/Species-Account/bna/species/514/articles/introduction 07/02/2017 Snow Goose. Chen caerulescens. Order: ANSERIFORMES. Family: ANATIDAE. Your first indication of their presence is the distant sound of baying hounds. As you look up, you see the sky flecked with tiny white moving shapes, which appear like snowflakes drifting lazily across the azure sky. This spectacle of Snow Geese in their large, high-flying migratory flocks described by the naturalist J. B. Grinnell is an ethereal one, the only one that many observers have of this species. Yet, this medium-sized goose is one of the most abundant species of waterfowl in the world, breeding in large, often dense colonies north of the tree line from extreme northeastern Russia (Wrangel Island), along the coast and islands of arctic and subarctic North America to northwestern Greenland. Birds of North America Online. The Cornell Lab of Ornithology. Cornell University.

birdsna.org/Species-Account/bna/species/695/articles/introduction 07/02/2017 Redhead. Aythya americana. Order: ANSERIFORMES. Family: ANATIDAE. This diving duck, restricted to North America, breeds widely throughout the Prairie Pothole Region of the United States and Canada. It also nests in dense concentrations in marshes of the western United States. In contrast to its extensive breeding distribution, the Redhead in winter is concentrated mostly in coastal areas along the Gulf of Mexico, with hundreds of thousands of birds traditionally found in the Laguna Madre of Texas and the Laguna Madre of Tamaulipas, Mexico. The Redhead begins arriving in its winter range in October. Birds of North America Online. The Cornell Lab of Ornithology. Cornell University.

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bna.birds.cornell.edu/bna/species/211/articles/introduction 04/12/2013 Mountain Plover. Charadrius montanus. Order CHARADRIIFORMES. Family CHARADRIIDAE.

bpqrarebirds.blogspot.com 15/12/2014

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caliban.mpipz.mpg.de/audubon/birds_of_america/index.html 17/02/2017 The birds of America from drawings made in the United States and their territories (1840). Volume I. John James Audubon. Publisher: J.J. Audubon, J.B. Chevalier. Year: 1840. Town: New York, Philadelphia.

calidris.home.xs4all.nl 26/09/2015

calidris.home.xs4all.nl/gullindex.htm 12/12/2015 Rudy's Gull-index with pictures of several less well-known plumages of large gulls likely to be encountered in NW-Europe. Most pictures were taken in the North-eastern part of the Netherlands.

calidris.home.xs4all.nl/gullindex.htm 26/09/2015

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chbc.carolinanature.com 31/05/2016 The Chapel Hill Bird Club is for everyone who loves wild birds. Whether you watch birds in your yard or travel to ends of the earth for rarities, our club offers something for you: access to like-minded people including experts who can answer your questions, interesting programs, weekly field trips, Christmas and spring bird counts, and a Facebook group. We are a friendly group and welcome all. Our members mostly come from the Research Triangle area of North Carolina: Chapel Hill, Durham, Raleigh, Cary, Pittsboro, and surrounding towns.

climate.audubon.org 31/05/2017

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creagrus.home.montereybay.com 15/05/2018 A web page by Don Roberson. I was born in 1952 in Lakeport, Lake Co., California, of middle class parents. My father, B.B. Roberson, met my mother Eleanor in 1948, just after World War II. My dad was just starting his medical practice and my mom was a singer in Hollywood. My mom, known as "Sally," sang with her three sisters in a group called The Lyttle Sisters. All four sisters married before 1950 (three of them married musicians) and started families.

creagrus.home.montereybay.com/African_barbets.html 15/05/2018 African Barbets, Lybiidae. There are barbets in the tropics around the world. Barbets in the Old Word are here treated as two separate families, Asian Barbets [Megalaimidae] and African Barbets [Lybiidae]. The African barbets are colorful mid-sized to small birds of African tropics. Some are well-adapted to the open thornscrub savanna like this Pied Barbet. It is a mid-sized barbet in a family that ranges from thimble-sized tinkerbirds to large, gaudy species. BIRD FAMILIES OF THE WORLD.

creagrus.home.montereybay.com/Asian_barbets.html 15/05/2018 Asian Barbets Megalaimidae. The Asian barbets are chunky, mostly mid-sized, often colorful, and vocal birds of the Oriental tropics. These barbets hard to see but easy to hear — their calls can dominate the aural landscape.

creagrus.home.montereybay.com/flycatchers.html 15/05/2018 Tyrant Flycatchers Tyrannidae. With 400 tyrannids in 98 genera, the Tyrant Flycatchers are one of the largest bird families in the world. This is just a short overview. Tyrant Flycatchers are entirely New World birds ranging throughout most habitats in North and South America.

creagrus.home.montereybay.com/list.html 15/05/2018 The purpose of Bird Families of the World is as an aid to world birders who want to maximize their enjoyment of avian diversity by observing examples of as many bird families as is reasonable within the time and money available for travel, and as a study tool for all interested readers. This project began in 1999. DNA evidence has revised much of what was thought to be known about bird evolution and relationships. It has been the 'wild wild West' in recent years as new research was published but, perhaps, a greater degree of consensus is now being reached.

creagrus.home.montereybay.com/mtymissid.html 15/05/2018 Ten Most Misidentified Birds in Monterey County.

creagrus.home.montereybay.com/stilts.html 15/05/2018 Stilts and Avocets Recurvirostridae.

creagrus.home.montereybay.com/sylvid-intro.html 15/05/2018 The Break-Up of the Old World Warblers.

creagrus.home.montereybay.com/tanagers.html 15/05/2018 Tanagers Thraupidae.

cyberbirding.uib.no/gull 06/02/2018 The Norwegian Gull-page. Despite that fact that there are plenty of them in most coastal waters around the North Atlantic, there is probably no other group of species where there are larger gaps in our understanding of how to safely identify many of the taxa involved. Unclear taxonomy, extensive hybridization and enormous geographical and individual variation are some of the factors that contribute to making many individuals a real challenge.

daarruud.home.xs4all.nl 17/07/2017 Bird pictures has photos of gulls and peregrines in Amsterdam, gulls in Poland and illustrated trip reports from Poland and Tunisia.

danks.netfirms.com/bird.htm 17/07/2017 Birds... Bugs too! Hummingbird photography. Also photography of other wild birds and animals, of Alaska, The Yukon and Atlantic Canada.

davesbirdingdiary.blogspot.com 31/12/2014

dendroica.blogspot.com 13/09/2015

dendroica.blogspot.com/2009/10/personal-ebird-milestone.html 27/10/2016 A Personal eBird Milestone. Yesterday I reached a personal milestone in my eBird usage. One of the features that makes eBird such a compelling site is that the ability to set up personal birding locations and generate bar charts and other abundance graphics for them.

djringer.com/birding 31/12/2014

dongettywildlifephotography.com/f219087857 13/03/2017

dpipwe.tas.gov.au/wildlife-management/animals-of-tasmania/birds 26/10/2015

drc.ohiolink.edu/handle/2374.OX/30658 19/10/2015 Bird Sounds from the Borror Laboratory of Bioacoustics. The Borror Laboratory houses one of the largest collections of recorded animal sounds in the world. Founded by the late Dr. Donald Borror, Professor of Entomology and Zoology at The Ohio State University, the collection contains more than 30,000 recordings of over 1000 species of animals.

drc.ohiolink.edu/handle/2374.OX/30658/browse?type=title 19/10/2015

earbirding.com/blog 31/12/2014

earthbird.blogspot.com 31/12/2014

ebird.org/content/camerica/welcome-to-ebird-central-america/?lang=en 12/03/2017

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ebird.org/content/tx 12/07/2016

ecobirder.blogspot.com 31/12/2014

enature.com/home 13/05/2016 eNature.com is the web's premier destination for information about the wild animals and plants of the United States. Over past years, eNature has consistently been one of the Internet' most-visited sites for nature and wildlife information and has won numerous awards and accolades. The site's core content of wildlife information about almost 6,000 individual species is the same data set used to create the printed Audubon Field Guides. All the data has been carefully reviewed and vetted by leading biologists, zoologists and other natural history specialists.

f3.webmart.de/f.cfm?&id=1231426 24/12/2016

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focusingonwildlife.com/news/galleries/large-landbirds 19/10/2016

focusingonwildlife.com/news/galleries/seabirds 19/10/2016

focusingonwildlife.com/news/galleries/small-landbirds 19/10/2016

focusingonwildlife.com/news/galleries/swans 19/10/2016

focusingonwildlife.com/news/galleries/waders 08/12/2016 Waders. Welcome to the Focusing on Wildlife Galleries. Discover and share outstanding wildlife images. Join the discussions and upload your own photos. Sign in via social media to post a comment or upload photos.

fog.ccsf.edu/~jmorlan 03/09/2017

fog.ccsf.edu/~jmorlan/county.htm 03/09/2017

fog.ccsf.edu/~jmorlan/rare.htm 03/09/2017

fohn.net/hummingbird-pictures 03/09/2017

2/4 - Blog con enlaces a páginas web relacionadas con la ornitología.

frasersbirdingblog.blogspot.com 07/03/2015

freidaybird.blogspot.com 01/03/2017

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gbbc.birdcount.org 12/07/2016 The Great Backyard Bird Count. Launched in 1998 by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and National Audubon Society, the Great Backyard Bird Count was the first online citizen-science project to collect data on wild birds and to display results in near real-time. Now, more than 100,000 people of all ages and walks of life worldwide join the four-day count each February to create an annual snapshot of the distribution and abundance of birds.

gerardgorman.blogspot.com 07/03/2015

gordon.shecket.org/Bird%20Pages/BirdsIndex.htm 10/10/2015

greekbirding.blogspot.com 07/03/2015

groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/delhibird/info 10/08/2014 We are an interactive egroup which exists to share information about birds in Northern India and the issues that affect them. We seek to help and encourage newcomers to the study of birds and enable birdwatching visitors and short-term residents to meet fellow enthusiasts who live in India.

groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/IOSNews/info 30/06/2014 Bird News for Bird Watchers for The Isle of Scilly.

groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/sociedadornitologicahispaniola/info 16/04/2015 Sociedad Ornitológica Hispaniola - SOH. Visión: Que seamos líderes y aliados en el conocimiento y la conservación de las aves y su hábitat, y otros elementos de la biodiversidad de nuestra isla. Misión: Crear conocimiento, valor, respeto, y protección para la conservación de las aves y su hábitat, y otros elementos de la biodiversidad de nuestra isla, a través de la investigación, la educación, y el entrenamiento.

gruppoornitologicosardo.blogspot.com 05/02/2016 Gruppo Ornitologico Sardo. Lo spazio web ufficiale del GOS.

gruppoornitologicosardo.blogspot.com/2008_12_16_archive.html 19/03/2015

hedgelandtales.blogspot.com 07/03/2015

hipsterbirders.blogspot.com 07/03/2015

hoaryredpoll.wordpress.com 13/01/2016 The Nightjar. The tales of an Upstate NY Birder. William Justus Raup. I was born in a snowstorm on February 9, 1981. It may be the reason why I love cold weather and snow so much. I spent my pre-walking years on my mothers back as she hiked and learned bird watching with the Alan Devoe Bird Club in Columbia County, New York. It soon became obvious that birds were going to be my thing, even recieving some published press of my birdwatching abilities by the age of 19 months.

holywellbirding.blogspot.com 15/01/2018

home.earthlink.net/~h111/Pages/birds.html 21/01/2016 BIRDS. Harold Wilion Photography.

home.intergga.ch/bbc 29/05/2017 Birds Beer & Chips – Basel Birding Club.

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identify.whatbird.com/mwg/_/0/attrs.aspx 29/09/2015

imnh.isu.edu/digitalatlas/bio/birds/nthwk/copo/copo_inf.htm 03/01/2015

imnh.isu.edu/digitalatlas/bio/birds/sngbrd/tyrant/gryf/gryf_inf.htm 03/01/2015

imnh.isu.edu/digitalatlas/bio/birds/sngbrd/tyrant/hafl/hafl_mai.htm 03/01/2015

imnh.isu.edu/digitalatlas/bio/birds/wdpkrs/rnsa/rnsa_mai.htm 03/01/2015

imnh.isu.edu/digitalatlas/bio/birds/wdpkrs/wisa/wisa_mai.htm 03/01/2015

indianbirder.blogspot.com 10/03/2015 Indian Birder. Birds, Birding and Bird Ecology Study. Interesting and exciting Birding Observations from all around the world and postings of bird behaviour and ecology that are sure to please and surprise one and all. A young birder from Dehradun sharing his garnered experiences and observations with fellow birders from around the world.

intervalesbirding.blogspot.com 10/03/2015 Intervales Birds. Brazil. One of the most productive birding site in Atlantic Rain Forest. Welcome and thanks for visiting this site. This site is about one of the most important areas for Birdwatching in the World, which is Atlantic Rain Forest. This site was created to share and to give more information about birding in Intervales State Park (with more than 400 species of birds listed so far).

islandrambles.blogspot.com 10/03/2015 A little bit about myself.... I am retired and doing what I love to do.... taking photos of Vancouver Island. We travel around birding and looking for wildlife and birds. I have blogged for about eight years on this blog and had a previous blog also. I also was on a few forums and eagle sites, you may know me from there.

itunes.apple.com/us/app/costa-rica-birds-field-guide/id568719936 10/03/2015 Full-featured birding field guide for Costa Rica, including bird photographs, individual bird range maps, calls, field marks, description, habitat. Additional features include comprehensive filter choices, sorting options, personal notes, camera, email notes and photos.

ivorybills.blogspot.com 26/10/2016 IVORY-BILLS LiVE ???! ... THE blog devoted to news and commentary on the most iconic bird in American ornithology, the Ivory-billed Woodpecker (IBWO)... and... sometimes other schtuff.

janbirdingblog.blogspot.com 10/03/2015

jboyd.net/birds.html 23/07/2016 Bird Photos. The birds are listed by family, in TiF order. The photos range from high-quality to pictures where the bird is merely identifiable.

jeffreyagordon.com 10/03/2015

jerseybirder.blogspot.com 10/03/2015

jerzygrzesiak.pl 29/03/2017 Jestem Jerzy i fotografuję ptaki. ...choć nie tylko.

jimmccormac.blogspot.com 10/03/2015

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kitundu.com/#/patch 03/10/2016 PATCH: Seven months in the life of an urban Red-tailed Hawk.

kitundu.com/birdlightwind 03/10/2016 Redpolls and Raptors at Montrose.

kom.net/~dbrick/falcons 29/04/2017 Falcons.

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medinaraptorcenter.org 19/07/2014

members.jcom.home.ne.jp/mbird 14/07/2014

members.kingston.net/cgrooms 17/07/2017 Eastern Loggerhead Shrike Colour Banding Program. Refers to Eastern Loggerhead Shrike colour banding study in Canada.

minnesotabirdnerd.blogspot.com 10/03/2015

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miraalpajariko.wordpress.com 25/03/2017

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moroccanbirds.webs.com 29/05/2017 Moroccan Birds.

musingsonnature.blogspot.com 10/03/2015

mypurplemartinblog.com 10/03/2015

narba.org 19/08/2014

naturalhistory.si.edu/BIRDNET 05/07/2016 BIRDNET is an online repository of information about the science of ornithology, and about issues of interest to ornithologists. The site is intended to provide information to professional ornithologists, and to members of the general public interested in learning more about both the scientific study of birds and the application of information from that study to conservation and other problems affecting or associated with birds.

naturalnotes3.wordpress.com 10/03/2015

nature.gardenweb.com/forums/bird 27/07/2014

nature-allybeautiful.blogspot.com 12/03/2018 Nature-ally Beautiful Photography Moments. My name is Debbie Miller. I truly enjoy my time in nature and hope it shows in my images. I will share my favorite images and the stories behind them in my posts. My birdwatching adventures, memorable moments in nature backyard and beyond.

natureofframingham.blogspot.com 10/05/2015 Discover the wonders of nature right in your own backyard! The fascinating mysteries of nature are right here in Framingham, Massachusetts, just waiting to be discovered and explored!.

naturesound.org 25/03/2016

ncios.org/blog 12/03/2018 The Rockford Bird Club. The NCIOS website was created to help connect area birders with each other to increase the enjoyment of birding in Northern Illinois. Here you will find information about area birding events, recent bird sightings, facts about area birds, and ways to improve your birding skills. On June 23, 1947, Don Prentis, Harold Bennett and Bob Angell met to organize the North Central Illinois Ornithological Society in Rockford, Illinois. Also known as N.C.I.O.S. or “the Bird Club”, the early history of this organization is closely tied with the history of the Nature Study Society (started in 1910), Burpee Museum (opened in 1940), the Natural Land Institute (organized in 1958), and Sand Bluff Bird Observatory (started in 1967).

neotropical.birds.cornell.edu/portal/home 23/07/2016 Neotropical Birds Online is an authoritative, online resource for life histories of Neotropical birds. These accounts are intended primarily for ornithologists, especially those based in the Neotropics, but also will prove useful to wildlife biologists, conservationists, amateur ornithologists with strong interests in avian natural history, and biology teachers and students. Neotropical Birds Online is available free of charge.

nestwatch.org 17/12/2014

netvet.wustl.edu/species/birds/aviandis.txt 06/02/2018 Summary Of Avian Diseases: Fungal, Nutritional, Tumors, Parasites & Miscellaneous. Wrair Seminar. 22-Oct-86. Michael S. Rand, CPT, VC. Aflatoxicosis.

netvet.wustl.edu/species/birds/ostrich.txt 06/02/2018 Alternative Agriculture Series, Number 11. Ostrich. Author: Randy Sell, Research Assistant, Department of Agricultural Economics, NDSU. Series Editor: Dwight Aakre, Farm Management Specialist, NDSU. Extension Service. Ostriches are the largest living bird in the world. However, ostriches are flightless, a characteristic they share with the emu, rhea, and cassowary. Adults usually weigh between 150 to 330 pounds and stand up to 9 feet tall. Ostriches are native to Africa.

netvet.wustl.edu/species/birds/qb9415.txt 06/02/2018 Housing, Husbandry, and Welfare of Poultry. January 1991 - January 1994. United States Department of Agriculture. National Agricultural Library. 10301 Baltimore Blvd. Beltsville, Maryland 20705-2351.

netvet.wustl.edu/species/birds/qb9426.txt 06/02/2018 Housing, Husbandry, and Welfare of Selected Birds (Quail, Pheasant, Finches, Ostrich, Dove, Parrot). January 1980 - December 1993. United States Department of Agriculture. National Agricultural Library. 10301 Baltimore Blvd. Beltsville, Maryland 20705-2351.

netvet.wustl.edu/species/birds/srb92-17.txt 06/02/2018 Animal Models in Biomedical Research: Poultry. United States Department of Agriculture. National Agricultural Library. 10301 Baltimore Blvd. Beltsville, Maryland 20705-2351.

norfolkbirderinthailand.blogspot.com 10/05/2015 I am a Norfolk birder who now spends the winter months living and birding in Thailand. The summer months are spent working and living on Scolt Head Island, Norfolk, England as permanent summer warden for Natural England. I have spent the last eight winters in Thailand and have seen well over 700 species in the country.

northernillinoisbirder.blogspot.com 10/05/2015 A novice birder's observation of birds and other natural wildlife with wings ... or maybe not with wings... Hello, I have always been interested in birds, undoubtedly influenced by my mother and grandmother. As a young boy I remember paging through my parents' bird books. Both my Mom and Grandma would identify birds by both their songs and their looks. I enjoy nature and being out in it as often as I am able.

northumbrianbirding.blogspot.com 10/05/2015 Northumbrian Birding.

northwestnaturalmoments.blogspot.com 10/05/2015 Natural Moments.

nrs.ucdavis.edu/McL/natural/birds/index.html 09/10/2015

nutcase007.blogspot.com 07/10/2016

nzbirds.com 29/09/2015

nzbirds.com/birds/aimerganser.html 29/09/2015

nzbirds.com/birds/antipodesparakeet.html 29/09/2015

nzbirds.com/birds/blackbackedgull.html 29/09/2015

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nzbirds.com/birds/bluepenguin.html 29/09/2015

nzbirds.com/birds/bluepetrel.html 29/09/2015

onmymountain.com 23/02/2017

orientalbirdclub.org 20/11/2015 Oriental Bird Club, UK registered charity 297242, is for birders and ornithologists around the world who are interested in birds of the Oriental region and their conservation. Over 300 Oriental bird species are considered by BirdLife International as threatened by forest destruction, wetland drainage, hunting and trade. Conservation of these species is often hampered by a lack of knowledge. Oriental Bird Club supports conservation work in the Oriental region by encouraging studies of birds and their habitats.

orientalbirdimages.org 20/11/2015 This Database has been created by the Oriental Bird Club (OBC) to bring together photographs of as many bird species from the Oriental Region as possible. We hope this will provide both a useful tool for researchers and a splendid collection of photographs for anyone to browse. All images in this Database have been provided by the photographers free-of-charge in furtherance of the aims of the OBC. The OBC is very grateful for their contributions.

ornithology.com 08/05/2016 Ornithology.com, the Science of Ornithology (birds) has been consulted by BBC, National Geographic, ABC News,Weather Notebook, Organic Gardening, National Public Radio, Fox TV, National Canadian Television, Vanity Fair Magazine, the Guinness Book of World Records, The Weakest Link, Who Wants to be a Millionaire, NCSI, Real Simple Magazine, the Detroit Free Press, Voice of America, Columbia News Service and many other publications, programs, agencies, and individuals for authoritative information on wild birds.

owling.com 02/09/2016 Owling. Photos, calls and info on N & C Amer Owls. Enjoy photos, sound recordings, and video of the N&C American owls. Included are species accounts, range maps, checklists, wallpaper and more. If you are wondering what owl is hooting out your window, are a student, hobbyist, or just enjoy the owls and nature... you are in the right place.

owlsaboutthatthen.blogspot.com 02/09/2016 Owls about that then! Hi and welcome to my Blog, my name is Paul Riddle and I live in south Leicestershire, UK. Back in August 2007 my quest began to locate as many local Little Owl territories as possible. The driving force was a reported decline in the uk numbers so I thought I would do my bit and conduct a study in my area. After 7 years and countless hours out in the field I have detected over 200 different sites.

oystman.tripod.com 17/10/2017 My name is Menotti Passarella. On this home page, the "doorway" to the site, I added a picture I especially like.

pages.destination.ca/mikee/harfang/merlebleu 20/09/2015

pages.ucsd.edu/~jmoore/apesites/Gombe/GombeBirds.html 01/04/2018

pajaricosdemurcia.blogspot.com 07/10/2015

passengerpigeon.org/index.html 31/10/2017

peregrinefund.org/explore-raptors-species/Mauritius_Kestrel 21/08/2017 Mauritius Kestrel. For a time in the 1970s, the Mauritius Kestrel was the most endangered bird of prey in the world – with only four known individuals remaining in the wild. The restoration of the Mauritius Kestrel from the brink of extinction in the 1970s to around 800 individuals today is one of the greatest conservation successes in history. Unlike the Common Kestrel of the Old World and the American Kestrel of the New World, there is no difference in coloration between the male and female Mauritius Kestrel.

peterboroughbirdclub.co.uk 17/03/2016 Peterborough Bird Club. The PBC was formed in 1998 by a small group of local birders. The aim of the club is to bring together all those with an interest in birds in the area and to increase their knowledge and enjoyment of birds and wildlife. We also aim raise the awareness among local people and to promote conservation.

prince-edward-county.com/world-class-birding 22/02/2015

publications.aba.org 05/12/2017

quebecoiseaux.org 10/01/2016 Fondé en 1981, le Regroupement QuébecOiseaux (auparavant l'Association québécoise des groupes d'ornithologues) est un organisme sans but lucratif qui regroupe et représente les personnes et les organismes intéressés à l'étude, à l'observation et à la protection des oiseaux du Québec. Il regroupe les clubs et sociétés d’observateurs d’oiseaux du Québec, des membres individuels ainsi que des organismes affiliés. Ses objectifs sont les suivants: favoriser le développement du loisir ornithologique, promouvoir l’étude des oiseaux et veiller à leur protection et à celle de leurs habitats.

rangenet.org/projects/grouse/index.htm 08/08/2014

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schmoker.org/BirdPics/index.html 15/12/2014

seattlebirdcam.blogspot.com 08/11/2015 The Seattle BirdCam operates every day during US Pacific timezone daylight hours (GMT - 8 hours).

sora.unm.edu 12/03/2017

southernwingsbc.com 10/08/2014

swfloridabirder.blogspot.com 04/05/2017

texasbirds.org 27/03/2017

thayerbirding.com 20/06/2014

thebirdersreport.com 22/09/2016 BirdLife International is a global Partnership of conservation organizations that strives to conserve birds, their habitats and global biodiversity, working with people towards sustainability in the use of natural resources. I began my real interest in birds when my wife and I moved to rural Northern California 30 years ago. We put up hummingbird feeders and attracted so many hummingbirds that we had to keep adding feeders so we could get by with filling them up only once a day.

thebirdguide.com 17/10/2017 The Bird Guide. Your guide to birds and birding in the Pacific Northwest since 1994. Birder and birding guide. Birds and bird watching in Oregon and the Pacific Northwest. Travel guides, bird identification, and birding tips. Oregon pelagic trips!

thebirdguide.com/gulls 30/06/2014 These pages are devoted to the identification of large gulls in the Pacific Northwest. The intended audience is beginning and intermediate gull watchers, who otherwise may be quite expert at identifying the Northwest's other birds. The identification of gulls is complex, but I've tried to present these complexities in a simplified, yet accurate, way. Even so, not all gulls can be identified.

thedrinkingbirdblog.com 13/02/2016

tpwd.texas.gov/publications/nonpwdpubs/introducing_birds 25/03/2018 Introducing Birds to Young Naturalists. Just as an iceberg shows only the tip of its structure above the water's surface, this book can feature only a few of the hundreds of species of birds that live within our borders. Those we have selected may or may not include all of your favorites, but we hope you will agree that each one is worth meeting. In addition to reading about their life cycles, you will also be able to take a closer look at birds in general and learn about their feathers, how eggs form, why birds sing, and how to set up a winter feeding station and build a bird house. I hope these glimpses will open a broader vista to you and be just the starting point for enriching your life with birds.

tpwd.texas.gov/publications/nonpwdpubs/introducing_birds/owls 07/01/2018

tx.audubon.org 12/07/2016

utahbirders.blogspot.com 08/01/2016

vickiehenderson.blogspot.com 17/07/2017 Vickie Henderson Art. As an artist, writer, photographer and naturalist, I enjoy any opportunity to photograph and sketch nature. In fact, the more time I spend in nature the more I want to express what I see and feel through art. Over the past thirteen years this inspiration has resulted in a variety of projects ranging from designing jewery to creating watercolor banners for the Smithsonian National Zoological Park. My art media include watercolor and wood burned art on hard shell gourds. Each of these media has something different to offer me in the way of creative expression and satisfaction.

vivre-avec-les-oiseaux.pagesperso-orange.fr 18/12/2017

web.gps.caltech.edu/~asimow/owls/owls.html 19/04/2018

web4.audubon.org/bird/iba/index.html 03/02/2017

wildbirds.com 23/07/2016

ww2.rspb.org.uk 14/02/2018

www.10000birds.com 17/10/2017 Welcome to 10,000 Birds, just the place for people who love birds, pictures of birds, and people who write about birds, birding, conservation, and much more. Get 10,000 Birds in your email inbox every day. Birding, blogging, conservation, and commentary.

www.aba.org 12/07/2016

www.abcbirds.org/abcprograms/science/watchlist/index.html 06/06/2014

www.africanbirdclub.org 06/06/2018 This page provides a summary of the African Bird Club, its aims, what it does, how it is managed and the benefits to you of membership or sponsorship. Special thanks are extended to the photographers, artists and writers who contribute their work freely to African Bird Club publications and its website. The African Bird Club is a UK registered charity which is managed on a voluntary basis by a Council of trustees. The Club was formed in 1994 following a proposal by a number of people with a common interest in African ornithology.

www.africanbirdclub.org 16/09/2016

www.alachuaaudubon.org 27/04/2018

www.allaboutbirds.org 12/07/2016

www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/Allens_Hummingbird/id 17/12/2014

www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/Annas_Hummingbird/id 17/12/2014

www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/Barn_Owl/id 17/12/2014

www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/Belted_Kingfisher/id 17/12/2014

www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/Black_Tern/id 17/12/2014

www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/Black-chinned_Hummingbird/id 27/10/2016 Black-chinned Hummingbird. Archilochus alexandri. ORDER: APODIFORMES. FAMILY: TROCHILIDAE. A small green-backed hummingbird of the West, with no brilliant colors on its throat except a thin strip of iridescent purple bordering the black chin, only visible when light hits it just right.

www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/Blue_Jay/lifehistory 17/12/2014

www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/Broad-tailed_Hummingbird/id 26/02/2014 A hummingbird of subalpine meadows, the Broad-tailed Hummingbird ranges across the south-central Rockies in summer. It possesses a number of physiological and behavioral adaptations to survive cold nights, including the ability to enter torpor, slowing its heart rate and dropping its body temperature.

www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/Brown_Creeper/id 31/05/2016 Brown Creepers are tiny woodland birds with an affinity for the biggest trees they can find. Look for these little, long-tailed scraps of brown and white spiraling up stout trunks and main branches, sometimes passing downward-facing nuthatches along the way. They probe into crevices and pick at loose bark with their slender, downcurved bills, and build their hammock-shaped nests behind peeling flakes of bark. Their piercing calls can make it much easier to find this hard-to-see but common species.

www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/Brown-capped_Rosy-Finch/id 12/03/2018 Brown-capped Rosy-Finch. Leucosticte australis. ORDER: Passeriformes. FAMILY: Fringillidae. Like the other rosy-finches, the Brown-capped Rosy-Finch is a bird of the high mountains, breeding above timberline. It has the smallest range of the three American species, being found primarily in Colorado.

www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/Brown-capped_Rosy-Finch/id 14/02/2015 Like the other rosy-finches, the Brown-capped Rosy-Finch is a bird of the high mountains, breeding above timberline. It has the smallest range of the three American species, being found primarily in Colorado.

www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/Buff-bellied_Hummingbird/id 26/02/2014 The Buff-bellied Hummingbird breeds near the coast of the Gulf of Mexico, from south Texas to Mexico. It is probably the least-studied hummingbird that regularly occurs in the United States.

www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/Calliope_Hummingbird/id 31/05/2016 The Calliope Hummingbird is the smallest bird in North America north of Mexico. Despite its small stature, it breeds in the chilly mountain environments of the northwestern United States. The male’s magenta burst of rays at its throat make it a standout from other hummingbirds. Tiny but tough, these birds are the smallest long-distance avian migrant in the world, spending winters in Mexico and a few small pockets of the southern U.S.

www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/search 15/09/2016 Search for a bird by entering name, description, and keywords, All About Birds, Cornell Lab of Ornithology. Use our Bird Guide to identify birds, learn about the life history, listen to the sounds, and watch bird behavior on video--the most comprehensive guide to North American birds.

www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/White-throated_Swift/id 17/12/2014

www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/Wood_Thrush/id 17/12/2014

www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/Yellow-bellied_Sapsucker/id 17/12/2014

www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/Yellow-rumped_Warbler/id 07/02/2017 Yellow-rumped Warbler. Setophaga coronata. ORDER: PASSERIFORMES. FAMILY: PARULIDAE. ellow-rumped Warblers are impressive in the sheer numbers with which they flood the continent each fall. Shrubs and trees fill with the streaky brown-and-yellow birds and their distinctive, sharp chips. Though the color palette is subdued all winter, you owe it to yourself to seek these birds out on their spring migration or on their breeding grounds. Spring molt brings a transformation, leaving them a dazzling mix of bright yellow, charcoal gray and black, and bold white. The Cornell Lab of Ornithology. Cornell University.

www.allaboutbirds.org/page.aspx?pid=1085 17/12/2014

www.allaboutbirds.org/Page.aspx?pid=1189 17/12/2014

www.amarantacaballero.blogspot.com 07/09/2015

www.amazilia.net/images/Birds/Birds.htm 17/10/2017 Bird Families of the World. Allen Chartier's photographs of birds from around the world.

www.amazilia.net/images/Birds/Gulls/Gulls.htm 17/10/2017 Laridae.

www.americanornithology.org 17/07/2017 AmericanOrnithology is a dynamic communication venture of the the American Ornithological Society (AOS). This website facilitates AOS's mission to advance the scientific understanding of birds and disseminate ornithological knowledge, to enrich ornithology as a profession and mentor young professionals, and to promote a rigorous scientific basis for the conservation of birds. Here you will find information about the society and its programs, publications, meetings, and awards. We encourage you to support AOS by becoming members, donating, and/or renewing your membership. Active involvement in ornithology, generation of high quality science, and professional advancement of students and young professionals is more critical today than ever before for the study and conservation of birds and their habitats.

www.answers.com/Q/FAQ/2891 17/09/2016

www.anythinglarus.com 11/03/2017 Anything Larus. Gull musings from minutus to marinus. A blog dedicated to the gulls of North America.

www.aosbirds.org 08/05/2016 The Alabama Ornithological Society (AOS) is involved in many worthwhile activities. Founded in 1952 to foster a greater knowledge of birds and to promote conservation of all natural resources. Check out our website pages to learn more about AOS and the efforts we are currently involved with to promote ethical birding and the conservation of Alabama’s natural resources.

www.aosbirds.org/AlabamaBirdlife/history50year.pdf 08/05/2016 A Fifty - Year History of the Alabama Ornithological Society. Remembrances and Recollections.

www.aquatic.uoguelph.ca/birds/birdsmain/index.htm 01/11/2015 Birds developed from ancient reptiles some 225 million years ago, prior to the appearance of primitive mammals. Their rise and subsequent proliferation, along with mammals, coincided with the decline of reptiles on the planet. Feathers and lightweight skeletons allowing flight, hard-shelled eggs, a highly efficient 4-chambered heart, and a constant, raised body temperature are all general characteristics of birds that have given this group the ability to adapt to a wide range of climates and habitats spread across the planet. Although there are over 1700 species of birds in North America, when Central America is dropped out, the number drops to about 645 species, represented by 75 families. In the summer months between 15 and 20 billion birds can be found in North America, north of Mexico. This number far exceeds the human population living in the same area, but over 50 people cannot live in a single tree either.

www.aquatic.uoguelph.ca/birds/speciesacc/accounts/sandpipe/minutill/account.htm 21/08/2017 Least Sandpiper. Calidris minutilla. Size: L: 15 cm. Wt: 20 g. Males and females are similar. This species is seasonally dimorphic. Breeding Adult/Juvenile: back and wings dark brown, with pale, slightly downcurved stripe on each side of back, and buffy scalloping, may have some rufous; head, nape, throat, and breast brown, with faint or distinct dark streaking; pale brown eyebrow, and dark eye stripe; belly, flanks, and undertail coverts white; bill short, thin, black; legs yellowish-brown. Winter Adult: back and wings brown, with faint scalloped appearance; head and nape brown, with streaking; whitish eyebrow; throat white; breast with distinct brown band; belly, flanks, and undertail coverts white; bill and legs as in breeding adult/juvenile.

www.aquatic.uoguelph.ca/birds/speciesacc/accounts/warblers/lincolni/account.htm 21/08/2017 Lincoln's Sparrow. Melospiza lincolnii. Size: L: 15 cm. Wt: 17-18 g. Males and females are similar. Adult: upperparts mottled brown, with dark brown striping on light brown back, and broad gray eyebrow; breast and sides buffy, with fine dark streaks; belly whitish, unstreaked; bill stout, conical, with dark upper mandible, and pale brownish-orange lower mandible; legs reddish-brown. Juvenile: upperparts as in adult, but with broad buffy eyebrow; breast and sides as in adult; belly grayish, unstreaked; bill and legs as in adult; distinguished from juvenile Swamp Sparrow (Melospiza georgiana) by slimmer bill and buffier underparts. Nestling: altricial and downy; skin dark buffy red; blackish-gray down on head, back, wings, and thighs; mouth red; gape flanges whitish on hatching, becoming yellow.

www.aquatic.uoguelph.ca/birds/speciesacc/Arctic/Arc_Birds/Anatidae/S_mollissima.htm 21/08/2017 Common Eider. Somateria mollissima. Eider down, the soft feathers used by the female to line her nest is one of the best insulating materials known and is harvested for sleeping bags and quilts. It can be collected without harming either the birds or their eggs, making it a valuable renewable resource. The common eider is a large sea duck, measuring up to 68 cm, with striking plumage. This is the only duck in Canada that is white on top and black underneath. Its back, neck and breast are white, while its belly, tail and secondary feathers are black, as is the cap on its head. Its bill is long and yellow and it has a pale, greenish patch on the back of its head. This striking colouration is only found in adult male eiders; females are a uniformly barred dull brown, while immature males display various combinations of brown and white.

www.aquatic.uoguelph.ca/birds/speciesacc/Arctic/Arc_Birds/Anatidae/S_spectabilis.htm 21/08/2017 King Eider. Somateria spectabilis. According to an old legend, a king eider is simply a common eider whose age and experience have earned it the right to wear a “crown”. The male king eider is a strikingly beautiful bird, with a mostly black back and wings, white breast and throat, light grey head and pale emerald green cheeks. Its bill is deep orange, with a large knoblike extension at the base. Female king eiders are uniformly chestnut brown with darker bars, and are distinguishable from other female eiders only by the shape of their bills, which have a comparatively short base. The plumage of immature males is a mixture of brown and white which changes as they develop. Eiders remain the same colour year-round, with no difference between their winter and breeding plumages. King eiders are smaller than common eiders, reaching a maximum of 60 cm in length.

www.arcticbirds.ru 05/04/2017

www.ardeola.org 07/09/2015

www.arielbirding.com 05/04/2017

www.arndt-verlag.com 18/02/2015

www.arthurgrosset.com 12/03/2017

www.audubon.org 23/07/2016 To conserve and restore natural ecosystems, focusing on birds, other wildlife, and their habitats for the benefit of humanity and the earth's biological diversity.

www.audubon.org/birds 28/01/2016 History of Audubon and Science-based Bird Conservation. Protecting waterbird populations has been part of Audubon’s mission even before the official establishment of the National Audubon Society. Outrage over the slaughter of millions of waterbirds, particularly egrets and other waders, for the millinery trade led to the foundation, by Harriet Hemenway and Mina Hall, of the Massachusetts Audubon Society in 1896. By 1898, state-level Audubon Societies had been established in Pennsylvania, New York, New Hampshire, Illinois, Maine, Wisconsin, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Connecticut, the District of Columbia, Ohio, Indiana, Tennessee, Minnesota, Texas, and California.

www.audubon.org/birds-of-america 11/07/2016

www.audubon.org/features/birding-without-borders 11/03/2017 Welcome to Birding Without Borders. Can one “bird nerd,” with little more than a backpack and a spotting scope, crush the round-the-world Big Year record? Birds are the world’s premier frequent flyers: They don’t need visas or passports to travel, and there are no blackout days. Whether it’s the Cerulean Warbler on the cover of Jonathan Franzen’s Freedom, the eponymous Goldfinch on Donna Tartt’s bestseller, or the Mockingjay holding together a revolution in The Hunger Games trilogy, to we humans, birds are as free as can be.

www.audubonmagazine.org 15/12/2014 Audubon is the century-old, award-winning flagship magazine of the National Audubon Society. A bimonthly publication reaching nearly 1.8 million readers, Audubon provides a place where nature enthusiasts, outdoor adventurers, and socially conscious consumers come to discover and be inspired by the natural world's extraordinary beauty and diversity. Audubon's respected editorial voice plays a leading role in shaping our national discourse about environmental issues.

www.ausbird.com 23/07/2016 Ausbird is owned & operated by Sicklebill Safaris, a small family run company based in North Queensland, Australia. Sicklebill Safaris has been operating in the Pacific region for over 20 years. In recent years we have been joined by other excellent guides and offer itineraries to Asia, Africa and the Middle East as well as Australia and the Pacific.

www.austmus.gov.au/Birds 27/03/2015

www.aves.be 30/06/2014 Aves est une des deux associations fondatrices de Natagora dont elle constitue le pôle ornithologique. Elle a pour but d’étudier et de protéger l’avifaune. Les observations d’oiseaux sont récoltées et analysées pour faire l’objet d’exposés et de publications (articles, atlas...). Des études spécialisées sont aussi réalisées par le réseau des ornithologues amateurs et professionnels, notamment afin de mieux connaître l’évolution des populations de nos oiseaux au fil du temps.

www.avesargentinas.org.ar 05/04/2017 Aves Argentinas es la organización nacional, miembro de BirdLife International, que con 100 años de trabajo junto a vos, protege las aves silvestres y la naturaleza de Argentina. Nuestro país posee una enorme diversidad de aves que alcanza las 1000 especies. Algunas de ellas sólo se encuentran en este privilegiado lugar del planeta. Sin embargo, en la actualidad alrededor del 10% de las aves de nuestro país están amenazadas y parte de sus ambientes se están perdiendo.

www.avesargentinas.org.ar/12/08-aves_argentinas.php 23/07/2014

www.avesargentinas.org.ar/12/08-el_hornero.php 23/07/2014


www.avesargentinas.org.ar/12/index.php 09/03/2016 Aves Argentinas es una entidad civil sin fines de lucro que trabaja para revalorizar el vínculo de las personas con su entorno natural, brindando un espacio para los amantes de la naturaleza y desarrollando proyectos y actividades de conservación, investigación, educación y difusión. Desde 1916 Aves Argentinas trabaja para la conservación de las aves silvestres y sus ambientes.

www.avesargentinas.org.ar/12/index.php 23/07/2014

www.avesdeburgos.com 08/05/2016 Bienvenido a Avesdeburgos.com, el portal burgalés de divulgación dedicado al mundo de las aves. Dentro de este site podrás acceder a dos apartados que, aunque diferentes a priori, se complementan perfectamente. Por un lado, está la página dedicada a la ornitología, llena de variados contenidos con los que poder conocer un poco mejor este fascinante mundo. Por otro lado, en Avesdeburgos.com también tiene cabida su espacio dedicado a la fotografía, más concretamente a la técnica denominada digiscoping, que consiste en la obtención de fotografías mediante la combinación de una cámara digital y un telescopio terrestre.

www.avesdeburgos.com/anuario.htm 31/05/2016 Bienvenidos a la edición Online del Anuario Ornitológico de Burgos. Desde está página podrás tener acceso a los informes correspondientes de las observaciones ornitológicas más relevantes comunicadas para la provincia de Burgos. Los respectivos informes que aparecen en esta página constituirán la base de datos para posterior realización de los anuarios con el formato impreso habitual, que en nuestro caso será trianual.

www.avesdechile.cl 15/12/2014 AVES DE CHILE.

www.avesdelapatagonia.com.ar 05/04/2017 Aves de la Patagonia Argentina. Imágenes, voces, leyendas, descripciones, lecturas, comentarios. Web realizada por Juan Carlos Salgado, dirigida a quienes aman de verdad a la Naturaleza. General Roca, Río Negro: Argentina.

www.avesdelchaco.com.ar 05/04/2017

www.avesdelchubut.com 05/04/2017

www.avesderapinabrasil.com 05/04/2017

www.avesenuruguay.com 05/04/2017

www.avespampa.com.ar/Home.htm 05/04/2017 El proyecto Avespampa se inició en el año 2005 como una Guía de Aves de la Llanura Pampeana Argentina. La Zona Pampeana, por su ubicación y características ambientales posee el 30% de las algo mas de 1000 especies de aves que habitan la República Argentina. Casi todas ellas, son aves comunes y fáciles de observar en el resto del país. En la actualidad, el proyecto intenta abarcar todos los ambientes de la argentina continental, incluyendo aves de distribución más restringida y/o difíciles de observar para el aficionado común (andinas, selváticas, patagónicas, etc.). El sitio posee información e imágenes de 802 especies de aves y 92 subespecies o razas geográficas con más de 5000 fotografías.

www.avespampa.com.ar/Home_i.htm 23/07/2016 The Avespampa project began in 2005 as a Guide to the Birds of Argentina Pampas Plain. Pampas Area has the 30% of the more than 1,000 bird species which live in Argentina, due to its location and environment characteristics. Almost all of them are common birds and can be easily watched in the rest of the country.

www.avesphoto.com/website/home.htm 23/07/2016 This site contains photographs of birds by Mike Danzenbaker. It is the most extensive single-photographer exhibit of bird photos on the internet. Current coverage is primarily North America, but will eventually include all of the regions and categories in the following table. Photos of other wildlife and general nature will also be added in time.

www.avesphoto.com/website/JP/species/ACCALP-1.htm 30/06/2014 Alpine Accentor. Prunella collaris.

www.avesphoto.com/website/JP/species/GROHAZ-1.htm 23/07/2016 Hazel Grouse. Bonasa bonasia. Chick. Hokkaido, Japan. June, 1998.

www.avesphoto.com/website/NA/species/DUCFAL-1.htm 23/07/2016 Falcated Duck. Anas falcata. Adult Male. Aomori Prefecture, Japan. February, 1998.

www.avesphoto.com/website/NA/species/EAGSTE-1.htm 23/07/2016 Steller's Sea-Eagle. Haliaeetus pelagicus. Adult in Flight. Hokkaido, Japan. February, 1999.

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www.avianbiology.org 07/02/2016 Journal of Avian Biology publishes empirical and theoretical research in all areas of ornithology, with an emphasis on behavioural ecology, evolution and conservation. Since its inception in 1970 by the Scandinavian Ornithologists´ Union, the journal Ornis Scandinavica gradually became a truly international publication attracting subscribers and contributors from all over the world. Journal of Avian Biology publishes empirical and theoretical research in all areas of ornithology, with an emphasis on behavioural ecology, evolution and conservation

www.avibirds.com 23/07/2016 This online bird guide consists of over 2700 bird species. Physical characteristics, habitat, migration, distribution and more is described. Almost every page contains a video, sound fragment, picture and distribution map. For most species scientific literature is available, the articles are in pdf format for you to download. All European species have been added, as well over 550 North American species. The latter is by no means complete, but a work in progress.

www.avionary.info 15/06/2015

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www.birdguides.com/articles/ornithology 06/06/2018 Ornithology. The latest research into bird ecology, behaviour and and evolution.

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www.birdinfo.com/antarctica/antarcticaimagegallery.html 17/10/2017 Image Gallery Antarctic Peninsula and South Georgia. This image collection is based on Michael Shepard's visits to the Antarctic Peninsula and South Georgia. Pics are arranged in manual slide show format.

www.birdinfo.com/antarctica/antarcticawildlife.html 17/10/2017 Antarctica Wildlife. Images and Information.

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www.birdingitaly.net 17/10/2017 Menotti is an avid birder who loves to share his knowledge with anyone and everyone. He is a native of NE Italy and has led birding and nature-study trips throughout the Po Delta and the Lagoon of Venice for many individuals and groups. His 30+ years (20 of those years spent leading professionally) of intensive birding in the Po Delta has provided him with intimate knowledge of the places where birds gather, nest, feed and hide. He is also knowledgeable of the area’s fauna and flora and current environmental issues, since he is a licensed Nature Guide and a member of Aigae, the national associations of the Ecotour Guides. Menotti enthusiasm for birding is contagious and makes for exciting and fun days in the field.

www.birdingnz.co.nz 14/08/2014

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www.birdlife.fi 30/03/2016 BirdLife Suomi ry on lintujen suojelu- ja harrastusjärjestö, joka edistää luonnon monimuotoisuuden säilymistä. BirdLife Suomi on osa BirdLife International -järjestöä, joka on maailman suurin ympäristöjärjestöjen verkosto.

www.birdlife.fi/lintuharrastus/nimisto 07/02/2017 Maailman lintujen suomenkieliset nimet 2., uudistettu painos (2006). Suomen Lintutieteellisen Yhdistyksen (SLY) kolme nimistötoimikuntaa toimivat vuosina 1981–1992, 1993–1999 ja 1999. Niiden tehtävänä oli laatia suomenkieliset nimet maapallon linnuille. Ensimmäinen luettelo vuodelta 1992 sisälsi nimet 183 heimolle, 1138 suvulle ja 9300 lajille (Otavan lintutieto, s. 366-432). Toisessa luettelossa vuodelta 1999 olivat 177 heimon ja 9500 lajin nimet (julkaisu ”Maailman lintulajien suomenkieliset nimet”, SLY). Kun SLY lopetti toimintansa, nimistötyö siirtyi BirdLife Suomen asettamalle toimikunnalle, joka tarkasti ja täydensi nimet vuosina 2004–2006. Tuloksena uudessa luettelossa on 194 heimon, 1227 suvun ja 9740 lajin nimet. Uusia tai muutettuja nimiä tuli 2086, joista lajeille 824.

www.birdlife.fi/nimisto 30/03/2016 Maailman lintujen suomenkieliset nimet. 2., uudistettu painos (2006)

www.birdlife.org 14/02/2018 BirdLife International is the world’s largest nature conservation Partnership. Together we are 119 BirdLife Partners worldwide – one per country or territory – and growing. We are driven by our belief that local people, working for nature in their own places but connected nationally and internationally through our global Partnership, are the key to sustaining all life on this planet. This unique local-to-global approach delivers high impact and long-term conservation for the benefit of nature and people.

www.birdlife.org.za 14/08/2014

www.birdlife.org/americas 14/02/2018

www.birdlife.org/datazone/home 30/03/2016 Birdlife Data Zone.

www.birdlife.org/datazone/info/taxonomy 30/03/2016 BirdLife International maintains its own taxonomic checklist of the world's bird species because: (1) there are so many different global, regional, national, site and family taxonomic checklists, and (2) the current major phase of taxonomic revision requires BirdLife to track and evaluate new arrangements as they are proposed; thus there is an urgent and sustained need to resolve the taxonomic rank of many taxa.

www.birdlife.org/datazone/species 30/03/2016 BirdLife's Global Species Programme collates and analyses information on all the world’s birds in order to set priorities for action, through species-specific initiatives, safeguarding of sites, campaigns and policy interventions. BirdLife is the IUCN Red List authority for birds, classifying species in terms of the risk of extinction.

www.birdlife.org/worldwide/partnership/birdlife-partners 17/01/2015 Together we are 120 BirdLife Partners worldwide – one per country or territory – and growing. As the world’s largest nature conservation Partnership you can find us from large countries like Canada to small, remote Pacific island states like Palau. Each Partner is an independent not-for-profit, non-governmental organisation or NGO. Most Partners are best known outside of the Partnership by their organisation’s name. In the United States the BirdLife Partner is Audubon. In the UK it is RSPB, the Royal Society for Protection of Birds. In India it is the Bombay Natural History Society, all amongst the oldest national conservation organisations in the world.

www.birdlink.dk 11/03/2017 Birdlink er en stor samling af Link´s til fuglestationer, foreninger og andre natursider, i ind og udland, blandt de mange Link´s er der mange Link´s til fotosider samt DOF´s lokalafdelinger i hele landet.